I must admit that one of my favorite musicals is Cabaret. Many of the numbers are well known and truly remind us that life is a Cabaret. This story deals with love and life mixed in with some taboo subjects.

The setting surrounds the magic and mystery of the Kit Kat Club in Berlin under the shadow of the slow rise of the Third Reich.

It starts out with the Emcee (Jordan Stovall) as he welcomes you and declares the beauty and dangers of the cabaret world, “while our troubles are outside and there is mere beauty inside”.

In this tale writer Cliff Bradshaw (Chris Ikner) is seeking a secluded paradise to write the “great novel” and discovers a whole sensual underworld. He becomes enamored with the glitz and glamour of the Cabaret.  The wise cracking Sally Bowles (Sara Peavy) brings her outrageous lifestyle to everything she touches and wins over the writer.

This production is as good as any I have seen it also gives the viewer a chance to experience local and national talent that are Broadway bound.

Sara Peavy who takes on the main role of Sally Bowles capture the stage beautifully and it was a joy to see her mix up the comedic timing, sex kitten seduction, and angelic voice. This is the second time I saw her in this role, I saw her in the same part in Kennesaw State University production last fall. I can’t say enough about this young starlet, a soon to be graduate of Kennesaw State theatre program, Peavy has the magnetism to light up the stage. You can help but fall in love with her and really rally around her character. She portrays Sally Bowles with the right combination of sex appeal and broken soul vulnerability that makes Cabaret a wondrous tale.  Cabaret is about hope and optimism in world surrounded by despair. No matter how bad things are, they always seem to work out.

Sally Bowles (Sara Peavy)

Sally Bowles (Sara Peavy)

I was blown away with this production and encourage all to venture OTP (Outside The Perimeter) and check out a great show with a mix of controversy that will make you want to be whisked away to the night life of Berlin.

Living in Marietta, I am glad that the Next Stage Theatre Company have taken hold of the Alley Stage and reignited this space.  I have seen several of their productions and have always been blown away by their skills and ability to put on an extraordinary show in such a small space. For an instance you forget this is a local theatre company, they really produce first class shows. The value far exceeds the price of a ticket so don’t miss out to enjoy a great tale and support a first rate theatre company.

Cabaret has been extended with shows on January 4-5 at 8:15 PM.  The show is directed by Rob Roy Hardie and Paul Gourdeau.   The music direction is under the virtuoso talent of Annie Cook.

Celebrate the new year and the beauty of a good Cabaret, for tickets and info visit: www.NextStageTheatreCompany.com or call: 678.774.6398.

Next up on the Alley Stage, mark your calendars for the next show Neil Simon’s Laughter on the 23rd Floor that runs from February 8-23, 2013.


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