Death is such a mystery and  Elie Wiesel admits that even though he has skirted the grim reaper many times he still is not ready to go to the other side. In Wiesel’s book Open Heart he describes his latest health challenge in open heart surgery.

This book is one of reflection and reconciliation of life’s challenges.  Wiesel takes you in a deeply personal view of his fears , hopes, and challenges as he moves forward in his eighty-second year. He is not ready to give up and has much more to accomplish.

This book, Wiesel’s fiftieth is an interesting account as one man reflects on his life and ponders the future.  Dynamite comes in small packages and this book packs a punch of hope and draws on the inner wisdom of a man that personifies the power of making a difference.

Book Facts:

Open Heart by Elie Wiesel

2012 Alfred A. Knopf 80 pp

ISBN: 978-0-307-96184-6


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