These cold winter days, nothing warms you up like a good bowl of spicy gumbo and that is exactly what you will crave once you leave the show Petite Rouge.  Currently playing at the Aurora Theatre in conjunction with Synchronicity Theatre, it will showcase to over 5000 local students during its run there. For two shows, it opened up to the general public. But no need to worry–Mike Artell’s Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood will shift the production inside the perimeter at Horizon Theatre in March 29 – April 21, 2013.

This tale is about a little duck, Petite Rouge (Renita James) who has a simple charge–to take some treats to her grand mama’s house and to make sure it is nice and spicy hot.  Petite Rouge, a precocious duck, is anxious to see the world and veers away only to discover the lurking dangers in the bayou.  Along the way she discover Mardi Gras, new friends, all the while being cautious of the “friendly gator” (Brian Harrison) who really is looking to cook up his own treats.

Fun, whimsical and absolutely fantastic, this production is perfect for kids of all ages. In the lobby I saw a young mother with a 3 week old who was all charged up for her baby’s first live theatre experience. You can’t help but be perked up by the kids giggling and expressive comments during the performance.

The young cast is full of excitement and energy and even after putting on many shows; the production I saw was fresh and full of fun. Don’t miss out and head down to the wonders of New Orleans and follow the duck in the red riding hood, Petite Rouge.  Directed by Justin Anderson, based on the book by Mike Artell, and illustrated by Jim Harris Book, Music and lyrics by Jean Gushing.

A well deserved Brava! to Jessica DeMaria whose expressions and contagious spirit made for a perfect grand mama and part of the ensemble.

In the curtain speech the happiest man in show business Al Stilo reminded the audience of the many opportunities to check out from the many series ticket purchasing options.  There is no excuse in not taking a trip outside the perimeter to Aurora Theatre.

Currently running on the main stage Aurora Theatre Bob by Peter Sinn Nachtribe and directed by Sean Daniels, for tickets and information visit: