Snuff returns with 5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps? after almost a whole decade. The Snuff of days past is still here, mostly in spirit. The band has revamped their sound to such a degree that the resulting album is calculate and well-curated.

The band hits the ground running with the first five tracks, totally relentless and fresh. From “In the Stocks” to “Rat Run,” Snuff casts off the hints of pop-punk that ran rampant from 2001-2003, the right amount of brass peppering tracks here and there and harmonies that harkens back to late 70’s punk.

“EFL” is a nice foray into the 60’s bubblegum/psychedelic pop sound, a fun twist on genre. “Mary Poppins” is a standout of 5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps?, with a great melody and unusual but sense-making lyrics Imagination had the better of me/’cos it weren’t Mary Poppins/and it weren’t E.T.

“I Blame the Parents” and “All Good Things” bring the album to an intense close, the latter being another great display of memorable, building instrumentals. But that’s not all! Snuff provides the lovely gift of acoustic bonus tracks of “In the Stocks” and “EFL.” The stripped down take on the opening track adds harmonica in lieu of brass and a spotlight on the vocals, making “Stocks” a great alternate version. The acoustic rendering of “EFL” brings it to a folky level, but still keeps the 60’s bounce intact. The bonuses are a nice tease—Duncan Redmonds did some acoustic material for Don’t Wake Up the Kids—hopefully more comes from Snuff.