Everyone loves a good musical, and no one knows better than producer Max Bialystock (Michael McCormick), who is the king of kings on Broadway.  Max is used to the best of everything, but like most streaks, he is on a losing one. He simply cannot find a Broadway hit.

Suddenly, in walks in his new accountant Leo Bloom (Stacey Todd Holt) and quickly discovers the mayhem of the books and a $2,000 discrepancy. Leo has dreams of his own and secretly envies Max’s producer lifestyle. Max opts to take Leo under his wing and try to reclaim some of his glory.

Seeking a quick get rich scheme, the duo decides to make the worse musical ever and pocket the money. With the profits, they can skip town and seek refuge in Rio.

After reading every script possible, they soon discover their masterpiece Springtime for Hitler.  All is moving right along until the luscious Ulla (Lara Seibert) walks into the casting couch and gets hired as receptionist/secretary or duties as assigned.  This blond bombshell exposes the cracks in this unlikely partnership and they soon discover that no matter how much you plan, life has a way to lead you to unexpected paths that–in the end–expose an unforeseen world of possibilities.

This tale had a good run on Broadway and was even made into a hit movie.  Don’t miss a chance to experience a little sparkle from Broadway that is sprinkled on the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Peachtree.

This production is a bit of a homecoming for Stacey Todd Holt, who hails from Fairburn.  He was in the Broadway version of The Producers for six years and served as a stand in for Matthew Broderick in the film version of the musical.

The tunes in The Producers are fast moving and funny, and I guarantee you will have a “gay” old time.

A Mell Brooks Musical The Producers runs at the Fabulous Fox Theatre through January 31, for tickets and details visit: www.FoxTheatre.org or www.FoxATLtix.com , or call 1-855-ATL-TIXX