Walter Isaacson chronicles in his book on Albert Einstein that in Einstein’s later part of his life, he becomes obsessed with discovering a theory of everything.  One theory that would fit in a nutshell the ultimate answer to the universe.

Now the cool kids at the Collective Project have taken on the challenge to do the same.  Yes, it is a bit done tongue and cheek but as you enter the laboratory setting at the Rodriguez Farm at the Goat Farm you are handed a ballot. Your charge is to choose three choices from a predetermined 19 item list for that night’s performance. You can vote for more but it would only cost you $1 buck.

That night was a full mix from Sexy Robot, Dr. Wonderful, Gone With the Wind in 5 minutes: An Interpretative Dance, and You there! Boy in the Street.

The bits are interwoven between a visual screen shot and are short and sweet but the creativity was in overdrive as this youthful cast took on the challenge.

After careful vote tally, the race was off and going.  I must admit I had not laughed as hard in a long while as I did that night.  The bits felt fresh and full of vigor, I only got to see the show one night but every night was a different adventure.

That night, I felt we did come a bit closer to the Theory of Everything: no matter what happen it is all relative. I am sure that Einstein would be proud, wherever his spirit lies.  It is not doubt he would give his blessing for these brainy creative kids at the Collective Project who bring a fresh voice to the Atlanta Theatre scene.

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