Friday February 1st539453_256235067830599_588024688_n
120 Tavern and Music Hall
Tickets $12 Advance
Doors $10
Doors Open at 7:30


534073_4877293808094_467726304_nVince Zangaro has been a singer/songwriter for over a decade.
He is fortunate to have played with many talented musicians and artists over the years. Vince is currently in the studio with Salzman Productions/Blue Blanket Studios recording music that is filled with profound messages and meaning. Although Vince has performed in many high profile shows, he is now focusing on documenting his music with amazing musicians and hoping to share his music with fans around the country and the world. Vince Zangaro’s main goal is to start a grass roots movement with his music. Zangaro appreciates everyone’s support and commitment and hopes to fulfill everyone’s expectations.Vince Zangaro is also co-writing with several other producers and artists on projects besides ZANGARO. Keep your eyes and ears out for all of these exciting new projects!





Reluctant Saints
Nominated in the 2012 GA Music Awards for Best Country Band, as well as in 2011 and 2012 as Georgia Country’s Best Band, Reluctant Saints is not your ordinary country band, or even an ordinary band. But don’t take our word for it. Just listen and you’ll see. 483230_426055077462971_931272514_nFeaturing four vocalists and an award winning slide guitarist, this band is not your average group.
This band began as a quest to take all the things that make great bands great and put them in one package. Picture this… Mark and Brian sat down together and decided to take a look at the rock and roll bands that have been around for 35 years or more and are still at it and see what makes them great. Songwriting? Tom Petty. Musicianship? Allman Brothers. Vocals? The Eagles. There are others, but that’s a good start. Let’s take all the best parts of these bands and put one together that has all of it!”  Joining forces with singer/drummer/banjo playing Gary Chumney and guitarist/vocalist Nathan Morgan made all the pieces come into place to do that.
Reluctant Saints combines hooky songs, 3 & 4 part vocal harmony, dual lead guitars, and fine musicianship in one package. Not just another band, these guys put on a live show you HAVE to see. The look, the sound, the passion for music, the catchy tunes… This band has it all.





Downside is a highly energetic rock band blaring out of Atlanta, Georgia with aggressive vocals, thunderous drum beats, and an overall attacking sound. The band chemistry has been present for over a decade, but the stars began to align in 2011 when Downside performed on legendary stages throughout Atlanta such as the Tabernacle, Masquerade, 10 High and many more.