So you all know I love my horror movies and zombies, but what I also love is oysters! Coming off the beach in California I ate a ton of seafood and oysters are one of my fav’s!

I found out that the Park Tavern has this Oysterfest every year and I shed a tear, out of pure happiness mind you!

This day long festival will feature live music from local bands, DJs, cold beer and other beverages, and TONS of fresh, raw, steamed, and fried oysters with plenty of cocktail sauce and crackers.

Raw oysters are flown in fresh from Connecticut (Blue Point Oysters) and Prince Edward Island (Malpeque Oysters) and our huge fried and steamed oysters straight from the Texas coast!

The doors open at 1 p.m. and I will be there!

Join me and let’s get shucked!

More info go HERE-