Love and Death, the new band of former Korn member Brian Welch, graced the soundscape with a new release the beginning of this year—Between Here & Lost. After several lineup changes over the last few years, Brian is joined by young guitarist JR Bareis, Michael Valentine on bass, and Dan Johnson on drums for this 2013 debut.

Brian took the time to speak with TBB about the formative days of the band as well as the process of creating Between Here & Lost at long last.

Auditioning musicians through YouTube sounds like a great way for you to have discovered the talent for Love and Death. How was that experience, and how long did it take to find the right musicians for callbacks?

If I remember correctly, it took about three weeks. I loved the process because there were so many great musicians I got to see performing my music. And I didn’t have to leave my house! I was stoked that so many musicians tried out, but I also felt bad because I could only choose a few band members.

You said, “This record was birthed from trials, tribulations, pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, and drama.” How do you and the band gel all those emotions in one place when creating a track?

Mainly what we were referring to was the prior few years before the recording. I went through so many emotional problems. And it seemed like me and the band was going through so much hell on tour. So many of the songs on the album remind me of persevering through those battles.

Where’d the idea to cover “Whip It” come from? Do any other covers make appearances in live performances from time to time?

My manager came up with the idea for us to do a cover song. I wanted to do a new-wave 80s cover so I googled a bunch of 80s songs. When I came across “Whip It” and told everybody about the idea, they all laughed at me. But when I and my producer Jason came up with the music, everyone was pleasantly surprised. 

Nashville is such a musical city; did recording there contribute to the vibe of the album in any way?

Totally! We worked with other artists on lyrics and vocal melodies. Jasen Rauch, Mark Holeman, Joe Richard from the band Red & his writing partner Josh Baker, Stacey Hogan & Rob Graves.

Does being on the road together inspire the creative process for the band?

No, being on the road for us is always pretty difficult. But it’s also fun. I guess it’s about half and half. We mainly write our songs when we are at home resting, with nothing else to do.

Be sure to check out Between Here & Lost, available now! (iTunes)