Going old school to the origins of the circus 200 years ago the Big Apple Circus has a nostalgic feel  to it.  The Big Apple Circus has made its stop in Alpharetta Georgia as it roles in the “Legendarium” tour from February 1-18.  This circus is nestled in the shadow of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre as a small community with several hundred has set up camp in the parking area with a trailer home city.

The Mayor of Alpharetta David Belle Isle was honorary ring master as he noted that the only circus activity found in his fair city before the Big Apple Circus visit was politics. In his top hat and coat he waved and kicked off the opening weekend performances.

The Big Apple Circus has a certain home feel as you walk into the tent and smell the cotton candy, pop corn, and sweets in the concession stand.  There is no bad seat as anywhere you are located is no more than 50 feet. The one ring is forty two feet, which according to ringmaster John Kenned Kane the space needed for horses to gain optimum speed.

For two hours which includes one fifteen minute intermission you will absolutely be wowed!   There is something for everybody from the quirky clown duo of acrobuffos to the majesty of the horses under the direction of Jenny Vidbel.

I was absolutely marveled at Elayne Kramer who contorted her body in every imaginable position. She is a sixth-generation circus from Argentina. The all female Dalian Acrobatic Troupe of China went back and forth and over each other in the bicycle display.

Reviewing the bios of all these performers is like studying the vitae of a model United Nations of artists.

A show for all ages, I took my parents and sitting in the front row I must admit I have never been so close that I could feel the breath of the horses as they ran by.  The dog show is made up of rescues who have gotten a second chance to work for their supper.

Jenny Vidbel & her star dog

Jenny Vidbel & her star dog

The cast is fantastic and the show is marvelous, this is the ideal family entertainment where you can get away from the surround sound and 3D world without aid of any device and take a nostalgic trip with the Big Apple Circus.

Tickets are reasonably priced, parking is ample, and inside the tent a climate controlled environment is friendly, family fun.

Visit the Big Apple Circus and for more information visit: http://bigapplecircus.org/