No story brings warmer memories of my childhood than Charlotte’s Web.  This stage version is based on the book Charlotte’s Web by Elwyn Brooks White.  I read both the book and saw the television version story that put front and center the cycle of life found within a farm.

Wilbur (Christopher Moses) was born the runt of the litter and saved by the farmer’s daughter. He is not out of the woods; he is deemed a candidate for supper until spider Charlotte (Danielle Deadwyler) spells out how great Wilbur is in her web.

The set is wonderful and takes you inside farm life as you are transported through the fair, the role of nature and learn the importance of friendship, the cycle of life, and the marvels of nature’s delicate balance.

This production of Charlotte’s Web is perfect for kids of all ages, but as I sat in a full house Alliance Theatre made up of mostly kids, I could not help but smile to the words of wonder, infectious laughs and giggles from the innocence of a child’s reaction to a play.

So come out and hand out with the rat, Fern, goose, gander and the entire gang at the farm, where Charlotte’s Web bears the truth of the wonders of life’s glories.

2013 charlotte web1

Charlotte’s Web runs through March 10, 2013 at the Alliance Theatre at the Woodruff.  It is one of the best shows I have seen and you won’t regret in bringing along you little one to experience a modern classic.

For tickets and info, visit: or call (404)733-4690

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