“The kickoff to the Atlanta art season,” exclaims Saskia Benjamin, executive  director of Art Papers when describing the upcoming February 8 and 9 fundraising event to be held at the Mason Murer Gallery. For two nights, Atlantans have the unique experience to travel the world in art and see which artist are sizzling with creativity within the world art scene.

On February 8, there is the collector’s preview, where attendees will be able to enjoy fancy edibles and be treated to an open bar while getting walking tours of over 250 artists from around the world while listening to some exotic music.

On the following night February 9, for a much affordable  price of admission,  several thousand guests will be checking out the art, the “scene”, and be in the mix of some great pieces of art from all type of mediums: sculptures, mix, photography and paint.

Do note that on both nights there is art available at every affordable price point and this is a great opportunity to own something special, not the stuff you find at Pier1 or a craft fair, real art, stuff you would find in a museum.

Saskia Bejamin, executive director of Art Papers, took time from her hectic schedule to share some thoughts with me on this annual event, art, and the direction of Art Papers.  She admits that she has attended this yearly affair since it was held it at City Hall East back in the day.

Only being at the helm of Art Papers for five months, Saskia has hit the ground running.  The editor position has not been filled so a series of guest editors have lead the publication efforts.   The last two guest editors have been wildly successful and have allowed the magazine to bring in fresh perspectives and new writers.

When I spoke to Saskia, she had just returned from a rainy New York City where she was part of Art Papers launched of the Jan/Feb issue.

As to some of the art trends, Saskia notes that there is a lot of “abstraction and vibrant colors” going on.  She sees one of her roles with Art Papers is to put the local Atlanta art scene in context within the larger global dialogue.

According to Saskia at this art auction event they will show case about ten artist as up and comers, basically the ones to watch.  She notes to check out Tony Hernandez, Scott Ingram, and Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky whom she just picked up a piece while in New York. He is the 2013 artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There are others on the online gallery preview.  Saskia did emphasize that she does not discount any of the artist show casing at the event, they are “all great”.

The money raised that evening will go for operations of the magazine but she hopes to expand their efforts to include an educational component.  “We are at the beginning strategic planning process, which will yield new ideas of an education experience, and some interesting short but long term ideas about technology and how it relates t the publication and the organization as a whole.”  According to Saskia there are 180,000 a year reader base the magazine is found in all 50 states and far away countries like China, Dubai, and England. She envisions the magazine to take a more active online presence.

As to why someone should go this event she suggests that it is a “great party to people watch where several thousand people come through and it is more than your typical art crowd.”  She recommends purchasing tickets online as this show is usually a sellout.

In asking her “what are some tips in buying art”, Saskia notes “first you must ‘like it’, make sure it fits into your budget, and you simply can go wrong if you are buying art with your heart while getting something that catches your eye”.

So get out and bid on some art either online or at the February 9 or 10 event, a night to remember and celebrate the human spirit in experiencing “art” and taking a little bit of this magic home.

For more details and information visit:  http://www.artpapers.org/