I might be dating myself by saying that I remember when the movie Flashdance first came out in the 1980’s. It was a sensation then and is a one today. The sexy moves and sheer toughness of the lustrous women in the movie makes for a nice memory. Of course, the water poured over the main character Alex is an iconic popular culture image. She is bending back with a splash of water all over that embodies passion. As Alex notes, she dances because she can “go out there and disappear.”

At that time in the early 80’s, it was criticized as copy, simply a female version of the popular movie Saturday Night Fever, where a hard working-class person makes it in the dance world.

But this story is really timeless. Alex Owens (Emily Padgett) works in a factory and dreams big dreams, one of becoming a professional classic dancer.  All Alex needs is a big break.

In comes her boss Nick Hurley (Matthew Hydzik) who has his own dreams and is stuck in being tracked to stay in the family business.  Both are hopeful souls who together dream big dreams and are brought together to join forces against the obstacles of the harsh world.

The stage version is unbelievable as you are transported to the 80’s hair and leggings style that were part of the MTV generation.

With the live orchestra the songs are fresh and full of hope. The water scene, the one in which Alex is drenched with water to the tunes of Maniac, is outrageously sexy.  The full house crowd on the February 5th opening night went absolutely wild when this scene took place.

All these songs evoke feelings, emotions, and a thirst to reach for the stars. Simply put: to live a life full of passion.

What a Feeling” that Flashdance creates in a world where anything is possible if you just believe in your dreams.

Don’t miss out to dance and sing along to the moving musical Flashdance.

Flashdance the Musical runs through February 10, 2013 at the Fabulous Fox Theatre and is part of the 5/3 Fifth Third Bank sponsored Broadway Atlanta series.  A wonderful  opportunity to check out this fantastic show and rekindle your life’s passions at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

For tickets:  www.FoxATLTix.com

For more information visit: www.BroadwayInAtlanta.com



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