On February 5 at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Atlas Moth, Devin Townsend, and Gojira performed an amazing show. Personally, I could not wait to see these bands perform.

You know, I think that it sucks that the opening band gets almost no stage lighting. The Masquerade is notorious for this, and poor Atlas Moth practically played in the dark. Luckily, it didn’t matter to Atlas Moth. It actually kind of fit their style of music. Atlas Moth’s sound can be described as doomy, sludgy, bluesy, jazzy, and filled with intense emotion. The vocals are death metal doom and sometimes clean. It is hard to describe their performance as Atlas Moth only had about two feet of stage to move on and few lights, but I could hear the passion in their music. Grinding out some heavy tunes, I could tell these guys were passionate about what the played.

Second to play was Devin Townsend. This being my first time seeing Devin Townsend, I don’t know even where to begin, Devin is crazy. Devin Townsend had a movie screen and a projector playing Ziltoid TV while the stage was being set up. Ziltoid TV is a mash up of some crazy videos. Dancing badgers, poodle people doing aerobics, and other bizarre clips. The crowd didn’t know what to think at first, but then they laughed. Devin Townsend’s performance was a little less bizarre, but equally entertaining. Devin Townsend performs in a “not your average” metal band performance. He doesn’t try to be evil, tough, or emotionless. Devin is just Devin…Talented, fun, and fearless on stage. Musically, Devin Townsend is brilliant. An amazing guitar player, Devin Townsend played flawlessly on stage. He continued the intricate guitar playing, but made it look so easy. His bandmates played equally as well while thrashing around on stage. Notably, Ryan von Poederooyenís drumming was amazing. Listen to the drums on the song “Juular” and you will see what I mean.

Truth, Supercrush, More, Planet of the Apes, Animals, Juular, Grace

Headliners Gojira, from France, took the stage next. Gojira’s music is unique, melodic, well written, and heavy as all get out. As soon as Gojira hit the stage, fans pumped their fists and banged their heads and it didn’t stop ’til the show ended. Gojira’s music hits you like a freight train with complex guitar playing, odd time signatures, and intricate guitar tapping. Groovy and emotional tunes pounded from the stage. Earplugs were useless that night. The iconic head from their newest album L’enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child), hung behind the drummer Christian Andreu, who played a fantastic drum solo after the song The Axe. Gojira touches my heavy metal inner child like only a few other bands have in the my past. I have seen Gojira once before in Myrtle Beach, and this performance blew the first one out of the water.

Explosia, Flying Whales, Backbone, The Heaviest Matter of the Universe, L’Enfant Sauvage, The Art of Dying, Toxic Garbage Island, Wisdom Comes, Oroborus, The Axe, Vacuity, Gift of Guilty