In the south you have an old maxim, “if you have nothing nice to say…. then come stand next to me.”  That really applies to the congregation of a little chapel down south when a young pastor from New York moves in to take the helm of this house of worship.

In this tale, the previous pastor left under some questionable circumstances but Reen L’ Dimp (Melba Moore) is determine to keep thing as they are.  She is not about to let the new pastor and his progressive wife take over.

Serious stuff, not really, with Mother Nelson (Just June) with Mother Calhoun (Shena Renne’) antics you can help but roar out with laughter. These ladies and other color characters spice up Sunday worship.

Good God A’Mighty is more than merely poking fun about the ways of the church it is really making a commentary on how often congregations focus on the buildings and not the people of the organization and the greater message of the a’mighty.

I attended opening weekend to a full house that was cheering and laughin’ all the way as the fast dialogue and scenes made you want to say “oh no she didn’t” but “yes she did”.

With a first rate class that includes Tony Award Winning actress Melba Moore whose voice is angelic and soulful and comedic veteran Just Jones who is a real scene stealer as she uses her entire body as an instrument of comedy.

Just June as Mother Nelson - photo  Bruce Morton

Just June as Mother Nelson – photo Bruce Morton

Beauty, passion, and the blessings of the Lord are found in Good God A’Mighty that is running at the 14th Street Playhouse through February 24, don’t miss an opportunity to be one with the spirit.

Tickets are on sale NOW and are available at the Woodruff Arts Center Box Office (404-733-5000) and online.  Tickets are $55. For groups of 20 or more, there is a special rate of $45.  To purchase tickets go to  and click on “Buy Tickets Now.”

Good God A’Mighty! is a Lolita Snipes Production and is sponsored by Kingdom International.  To keep up with the latest news and gossip from the set, like them on Facebook: