Georgia is becoming a haven for creative minds of the entertainment world.  Grant McGowen formally studied film and was doing well in New York City until the great recession created havoc.  Grant shifted gears to his home base down south in Atlanta and quickly emerged himself into the arts community.  He is now an actor, a stand-up comic, teacher, writer, director and overall entertainment guru, it amazes me that he even has time to think.

Not finding a niche in an existing theatre company, Grant founded Pinch ‘n Ouch Theatre company and has had several successful seasons.  The company currently plans to embark on a new one with a season opener in Let’s Make It.

Grant took time from his busy schedule to muse and share his thoughts of life and the creative process.2013 let make it

In Let’s Make It, which McGowen wrote in two hurried days, it is a tale of a couple in the entertainment world.  They want it all, love, marriage, and success but as often the case life is messy and the challenge is to keep some sort of balance.  McGowen admits it is not autobiographical but at the time he was going through a break up and was in New York.  He wrote it and work shopped it and put it up on the shelf feeling it needed more fine tuning.  After time passed he picked it up with fresh eyes and like it, so now the world premiere will be in Atlanta.

The play centers of the inequities of a couples success, how does one partner reacts if the other did better professional. Opening Valentine’s weekend, it is a perfect for couples, friends, or potential lovers to check out.

As to McGowen’s creative process, he tries to infuse life’s passions into his creations.  When asked what makes a great actor?  He ponders and says those” that bring themselves to each scene. No one likes to be lied to” and that the biggest challenge for actors is not only to have the drive but to give of themselves to each performance.  McGowen quoted his artistic associate Topher Payne in that in the theatre the audiences can in good actors  “smell it”, well, not literally smell the funk but theatre goers can tell if the actors really brings to life the written word.

McGowen began his career interested in stand-up and is interested in the type of work that focuses on being in the moment.  His work revolves around interest In romantic life and the tensions it brings.

McGowen admits it is a challenge financially to keep his dreams alive, Pinch n’ Ouch is a family operation as his mother helps out in the box office  and his fiancé Morgan Eckart, who is also a writer helps with the heavy lifting whatever is needed to succeed.

McGowen is staring in the newly released film No Soliciting and admits that his first love is the stage.

Don’t miss out to help support one of Atlanta’s fastest rising stars i the world premiere of Let’s Make it that opens on February 15 and runs through March 2 at the Selah Center Theatre, for tickets and showtimes visit: