Should the lines between personal and professional relationships be strictly maintained, or can they easily be blurred or removed so that a couple can grow in all aspects of their independent lives together?

In Let’s Make It by Grant McGowen, you are taken into the intimate lives of Anessa (Heather Rule) and Brandon (Barrett Doyle) as they strive to make it in the big city. Both actors, they are madly in love but constantly fighting the forces of the rough and tumble world of the entertainment world. They got the drive, desire, and darn it they are going to make it!…but at what cost?

Anessa’s (Heather Rule) star is on the rise, while Brandon (Barrett Doyle) can’t seem to find a break.  Finally his script is “picked up” with the condition that his “it girl” wife is part of the project.

This brings unexpected tension in a home that has maintained strict boundaries between the personal and professional.

McGowen has a track record of producing plays that show the “raw and real” emotional turmoil of life’s unexpected twist and turns. This play will make you think about what are you willing to sacrifice to make your dreams come true. Can you have your cake at home and work? Or is it one or the other?

Heather Rule and Barrett Doyle in Let's Make it

Heather Rule and Barrett Doyle in Let’s Make it

Provocative, sexy, and raw, Let’s Make It is one heck of wild ride. Auburn grad and new face on the Atlanta theatre scene Heather Rule rocks her role. Barrett Dolye let’s his hair down as he opens up for the right combination of being the good guy and doing what is good for him.

Let’s Make it runs through March 2 at the Selah Center Theatre and produced by Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre Company, for tickets and information visit:

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