There were the famous Three Tenors, but now you have the three divas come together to share the heart of rock in roll in Libby’s Express Vol. 2: 1965-66.  This is a second edition from the past 1960’s tribute show intended to capture the songs between 1965-69 but, the catalogue was so full that the trio broke it down. The night’s performers were of course the star Libby Whittemore and her two partners in crime Lisa Paige and the always dimple filled smiling Wendy Melkonian.

The melodies are contagious and they do encourage sing along. The first act caters to solo acts from James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Barbara Lewis, Tom Jones, Franki Valli to name a few.  However the second part has plethora tributes of the Monkeys, Mamas and the Papas, and the Beatles.

I wish I could have taken a tape of that night’s performance, simply the best of the classic hits of a time when we were all a bit more optimistic and naïve. The running commentary is hilarious and the live in studio band makes for fantastic combination of classics.

The divas make a round robin while mixing it with group duets and regardless if they are doing a Sonny and Cher bit or Simon and Garfunkel number, you get a sense they are having more fun than is humanly possible, this mood is infectious and this is one show you will not want to miss.

Running through Sunday February 24, Libby’s Express Vol. 2: 1965-66 is a grand old time, nightly at 7:30 PM at Actors Express. For tickets and more info visit:

The best thing to come out of this show is that you will want a definite Vol. 3, which hopefully will happen soon.