Heading out in Boston is a fascinating thing to me. Being new to the town, every outing is certainly an adventure. What I love love love about this city is the number of amazing theaters and superb restaurants.

As we geared up for a night on the town, family style this time, we headed into the South End of Boston. We had tickets to see Blue Man Group and needed just the right dinner to set our evening off!

MASA is located at  439 Tremont St  in the South End. From what I hear, the South End is trendy but also an excellent area to find some of the cities brightest chefs.

Masa is billed as a Southwest Bar and Grill but I assure you, it is way more than a mere Southwest Bar.


The exterior of Masa is festive and inviting and upon entering we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff.  At 6 o clock on a Friday, the bar area of MASA was already starting to fill up. Young professionals were filing in to have their after work cocktails and famous tapas. The bar has $1.00 tapas and half off combo tapas platters from 5-7pm evenings!


What I found that I loved about MASA was that it was geared towards everyone! Not one particular group or age range here, there is literally something for everyone.


The staff was extremely knowledgeable and the menu was easy to read and follow. They bring out fresh cornbread with homemade butters and jams! The cornbread was hearty and thick, so delicious!

We couldn’t do Southwest without trying their homemade chips, salsa and guacamole. It was perfectly seasoned with the right amount of spicy.



Starting with a platter of their famous tapas, a beet and goat cheese salad and a wonderfully fulfilling spinach enchilada, we were full before we had time to order an entrée!


Chef Philip Aviles is a true artist. As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he brings something amazing to Boston’s South End. Southwest flare and true culinary talent, This Chef is an inspiration and someone we will surely keep up with!


The kids ordered standard kids fare, including chicken fingers, which I actually enjoyed as well.


The room was comfortable, the food divine and we will definitely return again.. and again!




Tapas : Grilled Chorizo  Cranberry Chutney – Chili Almond Stuffed Date
Bacon, Ancho Crema – Shredded Chicken Taquito Chipotle Aioli – Pork Spring Roll
Bbq Sauce – Queso Fundido Empanada Jalapeño, Cilantro – Jalapeño Polenta Fries
Feta Crema – Fried Plantain Banana Guava Ketchup – Santa Fe Chicken Wing
Feta Crema – Smoked Salmon Poblano Quesadilla