McNary’s EP Release
“While We Are Waking”
Meehan’s Public House Sandy Springs
Monday March 4th
DOS = $10, $15 w/Album
ADV =  $8, $12 w/Album
MUSIC at 8:30

 Guest artists include Tim’s good friend & former bandmate Dan Sheffield.
Tim will perform his new MUSIC with Sean Bennett ,Nelson Nolen & Trey Lander and
also a duet in Portuguese with good friend and talented Atlanta recording artist
Cintia Porcino!

McNary is a Songwriter who found his passion for writing music and performing while spending 2 years volunteering and backpacking in South America after college. His sound has been described as raw, emotive, and ethereal. Tim McNary performs as McNary in the solo, duo, and band formats. Since 2009, McNary has performed hundreds of shows around the Southeast and shared the stage with The Civil Wars and Griffin House, among many others. McNary has been compared to Damien Rice, Ryan Adams, and David Gray.460214_386439518098259_2143120125_o

What should we expect from your new MUSIC?
I strive for an honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting and performance. I hope that comes through in this album. I’d like to think that there is an earnestness and emotiveness about the songs on this album that people will feel.

Understand your Making the Move to Nashville?Tell us about how that came about and what is coming up for McNary?
Atlanta has a growing and diverse music scene, which I value, but I feel that my artistic and personal growth will be best served by living in a town where more people eat, sleep, and breath music. I’m looking forward to making new connections and diving into new songwriting collaborations there! I certainly plan to continue performing regularly in Atlanta, and collaborating with some of the very talented songwriters and players who call this town home.

Advice for someone trying to make it in this Industry?
I’m not sure how valid my advice is, as I am still eating rice and beans and driving a ’98 Dodge Grand Caravan, but I do have some small tidbits of advice that I’ve learned by trial and error over the last several years : )

1) Make a substantial amount of time for honing your craft and musicianship EVERY day. Try to work on music for 3-5 hours/day every day.

2) Play as often as you can wherever you can, especially when you’re first getting started. As your career and fanbase grow, you can become more selective with the types of gigs you play.

3) Meet as many other musicians and songwriters as you can and strive to foster those friendships/working relationships. I’m finding out just how magical and empowering collaboration can374779_10150590402745097_191778567_n be. It helps us grow in our art, further our careers, helps others, and builds community all at the same time. What could be more dynamic?

4) Find a way to make recordings that do your sound justice….The internet is cluttered with poor & mediocre recordings. If you are serious about a career in music, you’ll find a way to make quality recordings that put your best foot forward for potential gigs and other income stream opportunities like publishing deals/licensing, etc…

5) Build and maintain a solid Social Media infrastructure but remember that your image is only part of the equation. In my opinion, it all comes back to the craft. I personally need superior performance videos and an updated website. Know anyone who can help?? : )

6) Maintain a sincere relationship with your fans. Don’t clutter the internet with only show announcements and pronouncements of your grand musical achievements. Show your fans your personality and interact on a normal human to human basis. They will love it. Ask about them. Be concerned. Strive to make your Fan letters both to the point and compelling at the same time.

7) Treat yourself kindly. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Understand that is the human condition. Don’t beat yourself up for the things you don’t feel you excel in. Continue to work on areas that need to improve and celebrate/highlight where you shine without getting down on yourself.
This has been a big lesson that I’ve learned over the past few years.
Being the best ME that I can be : )”



227 Sandy Springs Pl NE
suite 416