In the midst of a rainy Monday night I had an epiphany of sorts.  I am a “spoiled brat” when it comes to the theatre world.  Last year I attended over 350 theatre productions and never have to witness the hard work that the actors, directors, set designers, and others put into making a production come to light.  I sit back in a darken theatre and watch.

I also don’t get to witness the journey of these hard-working actors who aspire to act and are ‘’living the dream”.

I show up, check out a show and poke holes and criticize the flaws in my reviews.  Mind you I do celebrate the obvious successes but most reviewers to add a little spice to their work, criticize.

For one night I was transformed to the infant stage of an actor’s life, where he or she shares a stage before a live studio audience for the first time.

Teaching artist Grant McGowen and the hardest working man in the theatre business conducts courses into the finer points of acting, in this class he centered on the Meisner method.

In a series of snippets, the audience experienced a show case of the graduates of the program. Not only the actors are green but so are the directors.  I sat next to the talented Jackie Costello whom I have seen not only on stage but the big screen (she currently is in the movie No Soliciting) but got to witness her directorial debut in two sketches Women in Motion by Donald Margulies staring Laura Meyers and Kim Budges.  That tale was about two co-workers and BFFs as they were off to the Caribbean for an exotic vacation. They were believable and did a good job of being vulnerable and gossipy about office romance as they were off to an adventure, then things kind of went into an unexpected direction.

Costello did share with me she “was a bit nervous” and that being a director was “harder” than she expected, but kudos that she is expanding her creative wings.

It was like watching little birds taking a first flight as some of the actors nailed the performance and others were a bit shaky, but overall they must all be given props because they are doing it.

Some honorable mentions that I would like to see in other productions is Chirstie Vozniak who really portrayed the intensity of a crazy jealous hot heat in Reasons To be Pretty and Patrick Morgan who was a cool cat as the security guard in Lobby Hero and weird science fiction enthusiastic friend in Superior Donuts.

It was nice to see Morgan Eckart on the stage after seeing her around other productions doing the grunt work that makes Pinch ‘N’ Ouch theatre runs smoothly.

So for those of you that have a bucket list or are seeking a shift in careers, join in the fun and take a course from Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theater Company.

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