The master of suspense and all that is spooky Edgar Allan Poe writings grabs your attention right away. Now mix in special sound effects and a multitude of puppets and you have a fantastic show.  Tales of Edgar Allan Poe at Center for Puppetry Arts runs through March 3.

Broken down in naughty vignettes, you are taken into the classic of Poe’s tales, from the legendary Raven that flocks around the stage. What I loved about this production is they show case my favorite story of all time from Poe’s works, The Black Cat / The Tell-Tale Heart / Berenice.   Whereas the sweet kitty’s eye is plucked out and the old man’s eye haunts Poe’s character as it constantly stares.  He kills both his love Berenice and the old man, only to have his conscious drive him mad.

Klimchak, a local composer is a virtuoso of sounds and makes them from home made instruments from a creative mind.  It seems his shrills are ideal for the background of these scary tales.  Http://

With all the focus on vampires, zombies, and modern killers, it is nice to explore the classic scary tales from the true master deviant Edgar Allan Poe.

Tales of Edgar Allan Poe at Center for Puppetry Arts is a must see for anyone who gets a thrill on being scared by a good old fashion tale.

For tickets and show times visit: or Twitter @CtrPuppetryArts, or call (404)873-3391