President Obama has made the “bro hug” fashionable, but before that the original first “bromantic comedy” had to be The Odd Couple.

Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple has done well on stage and was the basis for a long lasting television sitcom. It hits on the theme of change, divorce, and regaining your groove.

Watching this stage production, reminded me how much of a taboo it must had been at the time for a man to divorce. Not only did it create a shock to his system but it also meant in part he had failed to hold up his role of the bargain. Oscar (John Stanier) is just getting back on his feet when his friend Felix (Dave Lauby) finds himself homeless, since his wife has asked him to leave. Oscar, being the good friend he is, brings his pal to his home and begins this comedy about rediscovering who you are.

Directed by the multitalented director Veronika Duerr, The Odd Couple  is touching, funny, and a peak into dealing with life’s unexpected twist and turns.

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