PFH Productions presents:
Sat Feb 16
Tickets $6
Doors at 9

“The Swear
release party with Suburban Camouflage
and This House”

259314_10150209660863624_2772099_oThe Swear is an Atlanta-based rock band led by award-winning songwriter Elizabeth Elkins. Driven by a punk work ethic, the band has played hundreds of shows across the United States since its beginnings in 2005, and has released two records. The band’s songs have been on many television shows, including Smallville, Rescue Me and Jersey Shore.

In 2013, the band is released “Gold and Hymns and Hell”, three maxi-singles. The self-produced set of songs is raw and aggressive – and recorded mostly live – tying the group even closer to its punk roots. With titles like “Pornography on Avenue A” and “Sex and the Drugs”, the songs make no attempt at pop perfection. Elkins is at her sneering best with a nothing-to-lose bravado from the boys behind her.

The Swear’s songs ring with catchy melodies and Southern gothic themes. Mixing influences from Courtney Love to Morrissey, Alkaline Trio to Muse, the band creates dark power-pop songs that read like great literature. Brooklyn’s Resonator Magazine said, “theirs is one of the greatest rock records released by an Atlanta band. It’s an album of death and passion, full of ringing violence and gorgeous melodies. It’s edgy rawness balanced by pop perfection from a band that should be considered rock’s new great hope.”

Drunken Unicorn
736 Ponce De Leon Ave