With Atlanta being an international Olympic city, you would think that the appropriate place to visit would be the International House of Pancakes, but don’t dare say that P word (pancakes) in Atlanta–our fair city is the home of the waffle.  Loosely based on real life stories from the Waffle House, The Waffle Palace is a place where everybody knows your name, there you aren’t simply a customer. You are someone’s honey, sugar, or buttercup.

In The Waffle Palace ,you are endeared by John (Larry Larson), Connie (Marguerite Hannah), Esperanza (Maria Rodriguez-Sager), and cook Walter (Brandon Alexander).  John is the second generation to run this meat and three, where waffles rule the day.

As in most local hot spots this world runs on the ebb and flow of the local community. Regulars Hugo, Bubba, Roadie, and Hank (Allan Edwards) in with good company with Tooty, Veronica, Candy, and Erica (Mary Lynn Owen) come by for their daily coffee mix in with a bit of gossip.

In between scenes, you are treated to tidbits of useful info by the Waffle Fact Man and multitude of characters all masterfully portrayed by Tony Larkin.

This is the second run of The Waffle Palace, which premiered at the Horizon Theatre last year and was commissioned as part of Horizon’s New South Play Festival. Full of vigor, seven actors play twenty one roles to tell the story of how it takes a village to make one darn good waffle.

So come on down and brighten up your day by spending some time with the good folks at The Waffle Palace.  Best deal in town and if you donate an extra $5 to the theatre, you will even get a coupon for a free waffle at our very own home town Waffle House.

The Waffle Palace runs through March 17, 2013 at the www.HorizonTheatre.com , call 404.584.7450 for tickets and info.

Don’t miss out in conjunction with Synchronicity Theatre, check out a modern cajun lil’ red riding hood with Le Petite Rouge that runs from March 29-April 21 at the Horizon Theatre.