Songwriters in the Round an Evening of Original MUSIC~



Tues Feb 19th
MUSIC at 9
Tickets: Adv $8
Door $10

Featuring: James Otto, Josh Hoge, Adam Craig, Cole Swindell, Ward Guenther, Tyler Reeve, Scotty Cram, Stevie Monce, Carly Pearce, Channing Wilson and Jonathan Singleton.


Born in Mobile, Alabama, Tyler’s music is well rooted in Southern Americana. Growing up listening to his uncle play guitar and sing on the porch deck of a beach house, Tyler’s inspiration came at an early age.Tyler’s performances are riddled with stories – usually funny stories – about inspiration for his songs, having a few too many, and even about spending a night or two in jail. These performances are infectiously enjoyable and, more times than not, promote one hell of a party atmosphere.
His blend of outlaw-style raw country finds audiences waiting with open arms and raised glasses!
ATL2013-445x687Whiskey Jam tell us about it?
Whiskey Jam
was started and is hosted by Ward Gunther and Josh Hoge.  I actually never even played WJ until 2 Halloweens ago.  It was my first one, and I was still currently living in Atlanta at the time.  After that, I became somewhat of a regular I guess you could say.  I am kind of a de facto “co-host” to Ward and Josh on the Jams we take to Chicago and Atlanta, due to the fact I have built fan bases there.  Ward and Josh have built something really unique, where established writers and artists,  and writers and artists  attempting to establish themselves can come together and share old favorites or new music with an eager crowd (that doesn’t have to pay to watch!)  Taking the writers’ format on the road, It’s fun to see these types of shows, which are historically only typical in Nashville, catch on and be discovered by fans in other towns.  The success of Whiskey Jam is continuing to grow exponentially, and there is a lot of potential for WJ in the touring format.  I can’t say enough about how well Josh and Ward created and developed Whiskey Jam.  I’m just lucky to be an extremely small part of it.

Highlight of WJ for you?
I love to play Whiskey Jam in Nashville, but these newer shows on the road have been awesome!  It’s great to see people in other cities exposed to a writers’ show/party melded together.  The response is always great!

First song you ever wrote?
I don’t even know…  I was 14?  I think it was called Long Days or something like that.  The hook was “Long days always find me”…  haha…  not a super strong hook – but, hey, I was 14:)  The first song I ever wrote that ended up released was Whiskey Down from the album of the same name.  Again, that was 6 or 7 years ago, and I have really evolved into something quite different than the artist/writer I was back then.  I’m proud of every step of my evolution, and don’t distance myself from that music, but I also don’t want to confuse new fans as to what I’m doing now, versus what I was doing then.

How many songs have you written?
I really don’t know….  over the years, probably a couple hundred?  I have become a lot more prolific since I moved to Nashville.  I’ve written about 70 songs since I moved to nashville just under a year ago.
I have 118 in my current finished originals folder on my computer.  246962_10151130336974904_425078593_n

Four Walls is one of my Fave’s Tell me about it?
I wrote Four Walls about the book “Half Broke Horses”.  Read the book and the song will make a lot more sense;)  I was really drawn to the main character being trapped in a flooded city, and kept wondering if the rain would be soothing or maddening.

Share the stage with anyone Dead or Alive who and why?
Well, I have been truly blessed so far!  I have shared the stage with many of my heroes, including Willie Nelson.  I’ve been a part of some super cool stuff, and really am thankful that my hard work has payed off!  I would have to say it would be pretty badass to sit in on some tunes with Creedence Clearwater Revival if they were still together.


Peachtree Tavern
3179 Peachtree Rd Se
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