Since 2010, The Artifice Club has been sharing its love for Steampunk and other retro-inspired expression by producing large events here in Terminus (also known as Atlanta), as well as working with major conventions nationwide. Now, the ever-growing club has set its sights on becoming something much larger: A nonprofit arts coalition aimed at promoting the work of artists and performers everywhere inspired by the past and worlds that never were.

Given its ambition, it should come as no surprise that the inventive organization immediately turned to to launch a campaign aimed at raising the necessary funding to take The Artifice Club’s events and artists on the road—and perhaps even award grants for those whose talent deserves a larger-than-life audience.

Founded by internationally renowned burlesque performer Talloolah Love and Steampunk DJ Doctor Q, the Club was formed to showcase just how amazing and inspirational the Steampunk subculture is, and how well it fits in with so many other vintage and retro cultures. “We have hosted many a successful show to prove that point,” said Doctor Q, “mixing the gears with the glamour and providing a place for artists to display their wares and costumers to see and be seen while enjoying some incredible live music and performances themed to the evening.”

By becoming a 501(c)(3) Arts Non-Profit, The Artifice Club’s mission will be to foster, support, and create art of the present using inspiration from the past. “While we want to continue to produce large events locally, we also want to expand and share our vision with the world at large,” said Doctor Q. “To do so, we need to first raise the funds to help cover our legal and filings costs to make this transition into Non-Profit status. After we meet our first fund-raising goal, we have a series of overage goals in place to help us kick off our first show, rework our website, invest in long-term props and equipment, and begin to lay the foundation for a large arts festival in 2014.”

Backers can enjoy amazing perks at various levels of support, including club VIP status at all events, custom music compilations, limited-edition prints, inclusion as a character in a custom work by author O.M. Grey, and even your very own private show.

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