When you hear the word “secret agent” you think of the cold war era of 007, where spies, anarchist, and evil doers are ready to take over the world.  You don’t really think an unassuming opera.  This weekend the Capitol City Opera is producing a world premiere of The Secret Agent.

I got to see the dress rehearsal, which was the first for me with the Capitol City Opera who always does an exquisite job. I usually see their productions in final form and have always been impressed. I love opera and they fill a much needed niche in the opera community.

However the dress rehearsal can be a bit bumpy with lots of starts and stops and distractions abound.  I did get the gist of the story of how you are taken to the underground world of the 1930s London, before the start of World War II.

The use of shadows and shifting sets makes for a believable transformation with a live in house orchestra that is set behind the stage. The performers really filled the halls of the Oglethorpe University Theatre.

The story is about Adolf Verloc (Wade Thomas) who seems to be a mild manner proprietor of a pornography shop in London but is really a foreign agent. His mission is anarchism and he wants to contribute more to the cause. His larger task assigned is to plant and set off a bomb, not to kill but to showcase the incompetency of the government. This sets for an adventure into intrigue, suspense and how even a simple plan can have unexpected consequence.  The Secret Agent includes passion, forbidden love affair, and a roller coaster of unexpected twists and turns.

Since 1983, the Capitol City Opera is the only company in the Southeast primarily to help local singers and artist with their careers. You can truly say I saw them when, before they hit the big stages around the world. This company has something for everybody, performing locally with Dinner and a Diva and reaching out to school.

This world premiere of The Secret Agent is sung in English and based on the novel by Joseph Conrad with the music by Curtis Byrant and Libretto by Allen Reichman.

A bravo of a performance, check out The Secret Agent which runs through March 17, 2013

For tickets and show times visit: http://www.ccityopera.org/