The Dropkick Murphys have returned to Atlanta for one night, and one night only!

From the moment The Dropkick Murphys hit the Tabernacle stage, it was crazy fast, crazy loud, and non-stop motion from song to song. They went through tracks from the album Going Out in Style, including fan favorites like “Shipping Up to Boston,” “Do or Die,” “Skinhead on the MBTA” and many more. The lighting changed for each song throughout the show, making each performance a frenetic, unique experience.

There were people in their 20’s present, but there were even fans in their 50’s and 60’s–I even spoke with a 72 year old audience member. The one thing uniting everyone was a love of great music (and bagpipes) and love for the band. And the beer didn’t hurt either!

The band played for an hour and a half. They included both acoustic and electric sets and lots of songs. They ended with an audience participation on stage, where a lot of really happy people got to be part of the show. During the encore,  the Dropkick Murphys had the women in the mosh pit come onto the stage for “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced,” and then they let a few of the guys up as well. All in all, a very memorable, fantastic and wonderful show from an awesome band!

If anyone of you have not had the pleasure of seeing The Dropkick Murphys live before…PLEASE DO!!! You will not be disappointed.