Darwin’s Burger and Blues
Saturday March 23rd
Cover: $10 includes CD
MUSIC at 8

“Original MUSIC, Classic Blues too, Johnny Cash and Rockabilly Favorites”

Join the Fedora Blues Band as we play rootsy tunes from our eponymous CD (yes, eponymous) and hits from Muddy, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon and others–you’ll feel like Chicago 1955–come join us! I don’t think there will BE another gig after this with Gray Sartin in TN, Fred Meltzer in MA, Mark Hogan all over the world and Nick Edelstein taking The Groove to heights and depths as yet unknown! And Steve Carusos will always be ready to rock your socks off in Atlanta…that is, unless he decides to rock New Jersey or something because Fedora Blues is no longer holding him down!

Gray Sartin Lead Vocals, guitar
Mark Hogan, bass, backing vocals
Steve Carusos, Harmonica
Nick Edelstein, piano, backing vocals
Fred Meltzer, drums, backing vocals.

Darwin’s Burger and Blues
1598 Roswell Road