They say the cradle of civilization came from mother Africa. No better example of this burst of energy and creativity is to understand the modern embodiment of the life and times as found in Fela. Based on the authorized biography, Fela: This Bitch of a Life by Carlos Moore, Fela: the Musical takes you the heart of where it all began, the Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria, circa 1978.

In this concert, Fela (Adesola Osakalumi) is nostalgic as he remembers his mother, Funmilayo, who recently died.

Besides the drum beat tunes and diverse dance, Fela is a hopeful story. The story speaks to the global issues and the direct connection to the America. The musical celebrates life, death, and the endless struggle to seek your own dreams.  It really is a message of hope.

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child stars in this Atlanta production.

Fela: The Musical  makes a stop at the Fabulous Fox through March 6, visit: , , or Follow them on twitter @FELAmusical