On March 9th at the 120 Tavern in Marietta, I had the pleasure of seeing four great bands. Two local bands, Halcyon Way and Homicidal – and two bands from Florida, Silenmara and Wirethrone played that night. All four bands blew me away with their music and their performance.

First to play was Atlanta based thrash metallers Homicidal. Personally, I had not heard of these guys until that night, but wow was I impressed! Being a huge thrash metal fan myself, Homicidal presented themselves in perfect thrash form. I have never seen such a young group of guys play thrash in such a perfect fashion. They performed well on stage as well. A blend of D.R.I with a bit of old Metallica Homicidal thrashed their hair around while ripping out some great thrash riffs. My favorite songs were Homicidal, Burn in the fire, and Eternal Genocide.

Second to play was melodic death metal band Wirethrone from Florida. Hugely influenced by Gothenburg metal, Wirethrone blend clean and death metal vocals. Accompanied with melodic progressive guitars and technical drumming. A mix made in heaven, these guys rock. Between Josh Delgado’s super speed wind mills and the rest of the band’s thrashing around, I must say I grow more impressed with these bands as the night continues. Wirethrone play with passion! I look forward to their album “The Sun Betrays Us to the Night” set to be released this Spring or Summer.

Third to play was another melodic death metal band from Florida called Silenmara. When I first walked in to the room at 120 Tavern where bands play, I was like what is that… whoa. Silenmara immediately hit me as an intense band. The singer Reggie Miller is all over the stage singing his guts out! The rest of the band is rocking behind him. At one point, guitarist Jason Gato and Paul Casas made their way offstage and wondered around in the audience while still playing guitar. Nothing like getting close and personal with your fans during a performance. Silenmara really blew me away. Pick up their album A Collection of Conscience… I did!

Headliner of the night was Atlanta’s own Halcyon Way. Halcyon Way hasn’t been playing out much recently because they have been working on their new album and preparing for their upcoming US/Canada tour with U.D.O. That night when they played I hoped for them to play a new song, and they did! The song was called Web of Lies, and is a very get stuck in your head for a week song. The song is filled with cool harmonies and the guitars are a bit heavier. I look forward to hearing more of their new songs!! The rest of their set took you thru a journey of heaviness to a little less heavy progressive moments filled with awesome harmonies and always great singing by Steve Braun. New members Max Eve (bass) and Sergio Quesada (rhythm guitar) bring more showmanship to the bands performance by thrashing around all over stage ripping out chords

All in all a great night of music!  Thanks to Pathfinder Promotions for bringing these bands together for an epic show!! If you see any of these bands playing out, go see them, it’s well worth it!!  Support your local music!!