The speakeasy world of the burlesque is becoming more main stream as the continued resurgence of this art form brings to the stage some pretty remarkable performers.

One such starlet is Freya West, who is in town to compete in the pageant for the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival.

Freya took time from her busy schedule to share her thoughts about being a burlesque sex symbol and part of the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival.

Freya currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but she hails from Chicago where she began the transition from being a disc jockey to a burlesque girl.

She has performed at the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival since its inception and is really glad to support the community in Atlanta. She has been part of the burlesque circuit for the last six years and enjoys the comradery and love found in Atlanta.

She got into this vintage art form when she saw a few burlesque shows and simply fell in love. From there, she took classes and the rest, as they say, is history.

photo by La Photographie Nashville

photo by La Photographie Nashville

As she notes with a sly giggle, “Where else can you get a work out and have fun shaking your jiggly bits?”

Freya believes that the resurgence in burlesque is because there is also a resurgence in live entertainment. She notes, “You can see anything on the Internet and wonder why people even leave their house anymore.” However, at a Burlesque show, you can “see someone that looks good at any angle and may do something that is unexpected.”  Freya exclaim that some of her best shows have been “when things go wrong…usually those have sizzle mixed in with sex appeal.”

Freya enjoys the Atlanta community because they showcase performers of every kind with “sexy women and sexy men and the diversity of sizes, performers of every size with top quality at every level.”

As to how she comes up with the shows, Freya admits that it begins with music selection and goes from there.  She gets inspiration from all over the place. “Music is important to me, I find things that speak to me…I love to do dirty bumpy grind burlesque and sometimes literary hump the audience.”

As for why someone should come out to the festival, Freya notes that you are going to “see top performers all from the Southeast but also from all over. You will also be surprised from one minute seeing a traditional act, then someone in a gorilla suit mixed in with break dancing,” or as she has done with a typewriter in an act she did at a past Southern Fried Burlesque festival.

You are sure to have a night at the show that is filled with “Hollywood glamour, glitter and if you did not come with any glitter, you are sure to leave with some.”

On a final note when I asked her on “How can a regular woman find her inner burlesque?” Freya ponders and shares, “Take classes, see burlesque shows, and simply do it. Where else can you have a good work out while you are celebrating the beauty of your jiggly bits? Be glad that you have them, instead of feeling bad about your fat from a regular work out class.”

photo by La Photographie Nashville

photo by La Photographie Nashville

She concluded, “Everyone should come out and check out the show, where else can you see the feat of victory and the agony of defeat as in American Idol style but live on stage.”

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