“My dear Watson,” notes Sherlock Holmes as he looks into his latest mystery–a rumor really–where the well-to-do join a club to enjoy the adventures of murder or enjoy their own suicide.

Not necessarily a hunting club, but one that the members are randomly selected to be the murderer or the mark. The club secretary (Tess Malis Kincaid) serves as a mistress of ceremonies as she passes the cue balls for the members to chose: white, you are safe; red, you are the murderer; and black, you are the mark.

Full of intrigue and mystery of course, the naughty twist and turns you expect in a Sherlock Holmes mystery, you get to witness how this most famous detective of all Sherlock Holmes (Bryan Brendle) delves into the heart of the action and at one point has to face his own demons.

This production is over the top and the interchangeable moveable set makes for a journey into the thrills found in merry old England.

Don’t miss out in a chance to check out the world’s most famous detective as he not only tries to solve the murder but comes close to being a victim himself.

Directed by Robert J. Farley, Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of the Suicide Club runs through March at the Roswell Ensemble Theatre

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