Atlanta is a vibrant city that host many great theatre companies and a sign that it is thriving is the new companies that take hold and grow.

One such new kid on the block is The Fern Theatre, who is producing their second play The Baltimore Waltz at the 7Stages Black Box Stage.

The Fern Theatre Company is a theatre company whose mission is to tell a story in a minimal way. Why did they pick the fern as their symbol? Why not? The fern is a lustrous green plant that embodies sincerity, magic, fascination, and shelter. New companies are always fun to watch because they create plays outside the normal barriers and take risks.  They also are fertile grounds for the next generation of leading actors, the stars of tomorrow. You can one day say, “I saw them when.”

Eliana Marianes (Anna)

Eliana Marianes (Anna)

One actress whose star is on the rise is Eliana Marianes, who plays Anna in the current production of The Baltimore Waltz.  I have seen her in several plays and this one really showcases her mad skills to create a believable multi-dimensional character.  What I really enjoy in Eliana is that she can balance being serious and funny, a difficult transition where she is not afraid to expose her vulnerability and use her body language to breathe that character into life while adding a funny quirky twist.

The Baltimore Waltz is a really a tale about life, what do you want to do and why don’t you do it? Simply put: the internal struggle.  In The Baltimore Waltz, Anna (Eliana Marianes), a teacher, has an epiphany of her mortality; she realizes that she has not seen the world and her love life has been bleak.  She embarks on a journey with her brother Carl (Brandon Patrick), a mild mannered librarian, who accompanies her on this quixotic odyssey. Can our dreams become reality or is our reality only a dream?  The only truth is that we dance to the music of life and who doesn’t like the majestic sounds of a good waltz? Along the way, the characters spell out a multitude of universal truths.

The third man character (Stuart McDaniel) slides in and out as a multitude of characters. I simply lost count: from the French, Italian, German lover to the airport security guy to the man lurking in the corner watching while wiggling his bunny. Stuart’s energy and ability to change accent on a whim is a virtuoso of talent is fun to watch.

Directed by Doug Graham, The Baltimore Waltz is a one act show, but packs a punch of a tale. Produced by the Fern Theatre and written by Paula Vogel is playing at the 7 Stages Black Box through March 16.  For tickets and more info visit:

Next door on the 7Stages main stage, don’t miss out on Angry Fags written by Topher Payne who currently has a bit part in the hit movie Identity Thief.  Payne is award winning playwright and the play features former Q100 radio host Melissa Carter on stage. Get your tickets at: