A crippled girl walks into Jerry Farbers Side Door…voice recorder in one hand pen and paper in the other. What awaited me was a great night of music.

When I first received my assignment I turned straight to Goggle. Seems this band is so new there was no information on them…So I went, as I say, “bareback.”

What a wonderful surprise. These guys are REALLY REALLY GOOD! The Sagamores have a smooth beat and remind me to take it easy and just enjoy the vibe. I sat thinking these guys have had to been playing together for years.

The band is compiled of a “virtual cornucopia of whatever is clever.” There is a man for each of our ladies’ liking.

David Tulis is an award winning photo journalist, Pulitzer Prize nominated, bass playing machine. His influences are The Who, Rolling Stones, James Brown and B.B. King. Dave’s style is remarkable and I consider him the main staple that keeps the band moving.

If you are into “sultry man of the hour,” turn your attention to Dimitrios Hondroulis. He is in charge of lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Hondroulis has a New Orleans music scene vibe. His rhythm guitar could be heard around the 1980’s throughout the French Quarter in the form of ska band “The Socials.” He is the “Romeo” of the group…or so I have adorned him.

Josh Copland, the drummer of group, whom I have dubbed the “new kid,” has a steady hand and infamous “swagger” that will surely push the band’s limits when it comes to “groupies.” He is cute, talented, and a real ladies man. His touch is one of dedication, talent, and youth.

Last but not least Frank Fletcher…or so I like to say “big sexy.” Frank plays guitar, bass, and drums. Mr. Multi-Talented should be his name. He is a big sexy teddy bear whose influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn and, again, The Rolling Stones.

The Sagamores are “named after a tree lined Atlanta suburb where the majority of its musical contributors have their roots.” The bands mission and vision is to “entertain, influence, and contribute.”

Some would consider this band the “Velvet Underground” on steroids. I would call them “just fine by me.” In a world of shock value, these guys really bring back what it is truly like to be entertained and have a great message. The message being, “it’s never too late to answer your calling” or “live your dream,” something I’m all too familiar with.

The Sagamores first CD release titled “The Sagamores,” was released in January 2013 and already they are making their mark in Atlanta.

Listen to my favorite song, “Wrong Way” at http://youtu.be/Dx4Q6008nqQ.

For booking please contact R.K. Zorian at [email protected],com.

You can also find The Sagamores on Facebook, Twitter, and www.reverbnation.com/thesagamores.

the sagamores bb

Picture left to right: David Tulis, Dimitrios Hondroulis, Josh Copland, Frank Fletcher


-Angela Miller