Davin McCoy and The Coming Attractions Debut Dixie Tavern!

Saturday April 13
MUSIC at 10

“Sometimes I feel completely disingenuous, the one place I have never felt that way is in music”

As an 8 year old, Davin McCoy would whistle “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay” in his sleep. The well of creative passion was beginning to seep. Born in Albany, Georgia and raised in separate households, Davin’s inherent gift and calling for music would finally manifest at age 12, when he found the guitar. Shortly thereafter, Davin began writing his own songs—musical emotion and expression akin to Cat Stevens, Van Morrison and of course, Otis Redding. After a short stint at the University of Hawaii, Davin succumbed to his calling and began his life-long dedication to writing and performing; to observing and inspiring. At 21, Davin teamed up with Clay Cook (John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, Zack Brown, Marshall Tucker) to record his first full length musical effort 40 Days From Friday. Unyielding to fear and eager for experience, Davin quickly shipped off to London where he would take up a publishing deal and continue to write and perform. As the intensity and efficacy of his writing grew, the urge to live and feel and the apparent need to travel and encounter became clearer. Davin’s music would take him over oceans and across continents, from London to L.A., and to Florida via New York. Perhaps in the realization of his roots, Davin returned to Georgia, where parallel destinies converged and a long overdue meeting took place with music legend Davis Causey (Sea Level, Allman Bros.). Recording sessions with Causey led to the creation of So Good, So Cruel, Davin’s newest album and his most inspired work. Inspiring indeed, as Causey would need to hail the talents of masters and former Sea Level band mates Randall Bramblett and Chuck Leavell (Allman Bros, Rolling Stones, Sea Level) to play on the record along with a borrowed Widespread Panic horn section. Together with Casey Crogan on the drums, Davin and company made magic in the studio. Calling on every influence available, there was never an attempt to hide where the bodies in this collection of sure to be classic, timeless songs were buried.

Dixie Tavern
2319 Windy Hill Rd.Marietta