The Cazanovas Debut
Abbey Road Bar & Grill!

Saturday, April 13
MUSIC 9:30

The Cazanovas bring you their own incomparable “Kick Ass Blues” for each and every show, melding timeless blues style that every audience relates to with a fresh energy that keeps them hungry for more. And more they get.

Well known blues standards are infused with new groove-driven power, and original tunes are immersed in musical passion and intensity, with lyrics that speak to the force of shared experience.Vocalist and harmonica player Reese Nazzaro draws you with him into the spirit of real blues with every breath, singing from the depths of common universal truth and employing his harp with his own inimitable style, bringing forth the core of his heart into the world in notes as though they are the last say he’ll have. Just as Nazzaro ushers you into the depths, Danny Vinson will capture you with his guitar and take you soaring. His raw natural chemistry shines through with a virtuoso’s skill, keeping you on the edge of your seat if you’re still sitting, and leaning towards him while you dance, spiritually caught up in the moment and living hypnotized in his talented palm.

Generating the auditory clout of the Cazanovas sound is Jake Holliday, a veteran bassist who likes to let his instrument speak for itself with the gifted and solid heartbeat born in his hometown of Jackson Mississippi and informed while working with some of the greatest blues musicians of the Southeast. The iron backbone on which everything is constructed is the urgent drumwork of Theron Peterson, who sees the blues as an antidote from everyday pressure, creating an island of metal sanity where mundane cares are left behind in the trance of undeniable cadence. He crafts dynamics that coax you in and carry you to a place where your feet can’t keep still.

The music of The Cazanovas is everything to do with real life–nothing anyone hasn’t gone through. They touch all topics: New love, lost love, desire, money, bad times, good times.

“Our music takes you on a journey through your own life. Not like reminiscing; something deeper in your soul, something really basic. Basic intuitive energy everyone has,” says Nazzaro!

Abbey Road Bar & Grill
2940Johnson’s Ferry Road, Marietta