“Hello my darling, hello my baby…the sweet sound of harmony.” Some people have the dream of stardom through a band, some just desire to share friendship and enjoy the sound of music through a capella style.  The latter is the Fabulous Lipitones.

At the regional championship, the quartet of Phil (William S. Murhey), Howard (Tom Key), and Wally (Glenn Rainey) lose the fourth member of the group after a great performance. They are selected, either due to sympathy or because they did a great job, to go on to the national competition.  With only a couple of weeks to prepare, the search is on for a fourth.

In comes Bob (Daniel Hilton), who on the outside does not appear like a member of the troupe.  The group has to come together and overcome the philosophical differences that appear to derail this new dream team.

Tom Key as Howard, once again does a great job of playing the good-get along guy.  Key’s character keeps the group level headed and focused on the task on hand.

The affable pharmacist Wally provides comic relief at just the right moment.  Last seen in the Gifts of the Magi, Rainey is a dynamic performer. Rainey is able to convey the frustration of having a career and seeking the attention of the ladies.

In the audience that evening was a cross section of Atlanta, a city known as being too busy to hate.  This production by Mark St. Germain and John Markus is on target to bringing to the forefront some of the very issues we are facing today. In chatting with writer Mark St. Germain he said he had the idea for years but did not know how to bring the right outsider,  and found the perfect fit in a sikh named Bob. It really is a story about being the new guy, and everyone has been the new guy in some sort of way, you are only the new guy until someone else comes along and takes that spot.

The world premiere of The Fabulous Lipitones is sure to make the rounds at the best theatres around the country so check out today and say you saw it first in Atlanta.

Directed by the hardest working director in Atlanta Justin Anderson The Fabulous Lipitones runs through April 21, 2013, at the Balzer Theatre at Herren’s, the Theatrical Outfit that once again shares another “story that stirs the soul”.

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Written by C. David Trivino, Esq.