Tragic Souls is a five piece rock cover band of seasoned musicians that formed a lil’ over a year ago. A band of regular Joe’s not looking to be famous that just want to rock! Super talented musicians with a charismatic frontman makes a killer show! Tragic Souls has quickly become highly sought after earning them a strong fanbase along the way.

“With Tragic Souls you get killer MUSIC
with an awesomely entertaining fun show”

Frontman Tom Poore¬†had this to say about what they do:“We all just enjoy doing what we do and love making people happy!”

Had a few Questions for these Rockers!

Tom Poore~
Lead Vocals

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive who and why?
Right now, I’d like to be up there with Myles Kennedy. He has just fought his way up the music ladder and has had the privilege of fronting two awesome bands. But my all time fave is Paul Rogers.

Advice for new singers?
Sing what you love, sing it like you mean it. Don’t smoke. Take some vocal lessons.

Your life offstage?
I’m a construction manager by day. Father ,grandfather and husband. Enjoy the arts of all kinds.

Describe Phil
He is a character for sure. Adds a lot of swagger to the band. Good man, good friend. Loyal to the core!

Phil Coffey~
Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive who and why?
I would love to share the stage with Rhett Forrester, he was the singer with Riot, one of the most under rated metal bands of the 80’s. Rhett was my fav singer/song writers. He was murdered in 1994 in the city of Atlanta.

Advice for new players?
Just have fun with it, and maybe you can be like Ted Nugent says; lucky me, my work is play.

Your life offstage?
I’m a cop, so pretty stressful job! So when I am on stage it’s my Xanax, I just get lost in myself and let everything go, no worries, stress, etc. Feel renewed after I play a few sets.

Describe Tom.
Tom, hummm. He’s the fashion designer for the stars, I call him Mr. Rascal Flatts due to his fancy shirts and pants. He’s an awesome human and singer, I’m honored to call him my brother. We have been friends for over 25 years.

Wes Davis~

Lead & RhythmGuitar, Vocals

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive who and why?
Probably Led Zeppelin…I was in awe of their style, versatility, power and swagger growing up. They were the total package. No two albums were ever alike, and no two shows were ever the same.

Advice for new players?
Stick with it past the “my fingers hurt and this sucks” part. No matter what anyone says…nobody is born with it. Also, take every opportunity to jam with others, especially if they are better and more experienced than you are. It’s humbling, and your trick bag fills up a lot faster that way. Also, gadgets and “flavor of the week” technology don’t define your sound…that comes from your brain and fingers. There aren’t any short-cuts…

Your life offstage?
I’m an airline pilot. I love my job, and the challenges and adventures it provides. No day is ever exactly like any other day. It’s very technical and hands-on, and constantly requires me to utilize decision making, hand-eye, leadership and problem solving skills. I also love riding motorcycles, being around the water and nature, hiking, and having fun times with friends.

Describe Gil
Gil and I go way back. We met in college in the late eighties, formed a band called Hedz or Tailz, and played a ton of shows together. When Tragic Souls decided early on that we hadn’t yet found the right bass player, the first person that came to my mind was Gil. I had been in and out of touch with him over the years, but I wasn’t sure if he would be interested, or if he even lived close by anymore. I got in touch with him and asked him what he thought. He was interested, came and practiced with us once, and we all knew he was the one. Gil is kind of quiet and laid back, but on the bass and on stage he is a monster. He’s as solid as they come, and a pleasure to make music with. We’ve had a lot of great times together rocking in two distinctly different phases of life together. First, as young men in our late teens, and now as middle-aged men having fun. He’s a great friend, a great musician, and a person that can always be counted on.

Gil Carter~

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive who and why?
Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon. Can you imagine how out of hand that jam could get?

Advice for new Players?
Take time to learn the basics. Don’t try to rush towards greatness. Learn a foundation to build on. Then play, play, and play. Find your voice on the instrument. Find your style. How do you want your expression to touch people?

Your life offstage?
Quite normal. Work a day job as a Federal Government Contractor with CDC. Don’t party quite as hard as when I was a kid. Still like to have fun, but I don’t think I could survive throwing it down like I used to.

Describe Dave
Easy. Ever see the Muppet Animal tearing up the drums? He’s close to the power and intensity of Dave’s playing. Dave is a professional player. He wants to do the very best performance, every time. His attitude affects the whole band, and drives us all to give our best efforts, every time.


WDAVEDave Jackson~
Drums & Vocals

Share the stage with anyone dead or alive who and why?
Of course, being a drummer…two bass players come to mind that I would love to share the stage with. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden because to me…he exemplifies true metal. If there had to be a picture beside heavy metal in the dictionary, it would be Steve Harris with his foot planted on a monitor, firing his bass like a sub machine gun. His rare combination of unbelievable musicianship, song writing ability, stage presence and one of a kind sound is something that I have always dreamed of feeling on stage. The other would be Lemmy from Motorhead…simply because he is the ultimate badass…better yet, he’s a god to lifelong fans of metal like myself. He plays bass like I play drums…LOUD and could care less whether ya like it or not. I can only hope that when I’m 65 years old…I’m still hammerin’ it like he is. He’s a true icon that I would love to have a volume war with!

Advice for new players?
My advice for new players is simply this…No matter what you play and no matter how you play…play with every bit of guts, passion and heart that you have and leave ’em sayin’…”Man…that guy loves what he’s doin’ !” Whether you’re playin’ to ten people or ten thousand…leave everything ya got on that stage.

Your life offstage?
Being on stage is my outlet…a place where the beast is released and I get to drive the Tragic Souls train as hard as I can so life offstage has to be the perfect balance for that…and it is. During the day…I’m just an average hard workin’ Joe like most everybody else in the world, but my world is extremely special to me because I share it with the most wonderful woman in the entire world…my wife Charlotte Jackson. She is my rock star, beautiful inside and out…a truly amazing person…she is my life offstage and with her….life is always good.

Describe Wes
Wes is my go-to guy. He is the ultimate professional. If a song has to be learned…BAM! Wes is there…if the train is about to unexpectedly exit the tracks…BAM! Wes is there to guide it back to safety…hahahahaha! The guy is talented way beyond what he gives himself credit for and has one of the purest passions for playing that I have ever been around. He is a guy that you love to go to battle with and every night on stage…he inspires me to be a better player myself. Wes is my brother with a heart of gold and a hidden nastiness…that is only revealed after 3:00 am…but that’s a story for another time !!!!

Craig Stark of Skutter had this to say about his Rock Brethren:
“These dudes rock!
Always hard hitting in your face fun!”

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Catch a Show!
April 5~Stix Grill Villa Rica
April6~Locals Bar & Grill
April 20~ Hooters in Hiram & The Cove that night
May 18~(Tom’s Birthday ) The Cove Bar & Grill Dallas
May 25~ Locals Bar &Grill Acworth
June 8 ~Danny’s Rock’n Roll Acworth
July 13~ B3 Bar & Grill Austell

Photos by J.Kalinowski Productions