A dash of screamo, a touch of pop punk, and a lot of rock gives the recipe that makes up Uh-Huh Baby Yeah!’s Trash Talk EP. With this release, these Louisville boys demonstrate a firm grip on its sound and knack for striking hooks and melodies in 6 well-cultivated tracks.

Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! gets the ball rolling with “Dances with Wolves,” a strong opener that features herky-jerky guitar and Kevin Fletcher tackling a loopy Ronnie Spector oh-oh. I originally mistook the lyrics “I never want it to be you” for “I never wanted to be you,” thinking well, true, no one wanted to be Kevin Costner in 1997 for sure. But it’s about a girl. A lot of the songs are about a girl it turns out!

“Whores Will Be Whores,” if one ignores its problematic title, is super catchy and does a perfect job of capturing the vindictive, angry energy of someone who done you wrong. However, hey, it’s music guys, there are so many more imaginative things you can say. Song rocks otherwise.

Fellow single to “Dances with Wolves” is “Dead Friends,” a total homerun lyrically and musically, “tackles the departure of [Uh-Huh Baby Yeah!’s] guitarist and bass player head on,” and is a great middle finger to listeners who can relate to betrayal.

“C*ntroversey” and “You Creep Me Out” show off UHYB!’s ability to infuse guitar into tracks as if it’s also a vocalist. Closer “Ocean of You” spins the EP 180° into ballad territory, an undulating guitar and cruising vocals akin to Starsailor; UHYB! doesn’t ditch the rock completely though—the last third of the track goes all out with wails and shredding before Fletcher croons “Falling to pieces, lost in an ocean of you.”

Trash Talk hits tomorrow.