After trickling out some singles through the last year, Victoria Hesketh, a.k.a. Little Boots, returns with her newest release Nocturnes, a follow-up to her 2008 debut Hands.

Little Boots again demonstrates her knack for cool dance sounds, but this time around shows off less of the 80’s synthpop that peppered her debut and instead basks in 90’s house, electro-house, and disco. As a result, Nocturnes serves as the dark underbelly of Hands, perfect for after-hours clubbing.

At the outset, Nocturnes takes an ease-into-the-pool approach to dance before getting into the groove. “Motorway,” released to fans as a taster just before the album’s release, is a perfect opener, as it serves as a chilly and breezy drive while the nights still young. The other early releases, “Every Night I Say a Prayer” and “Shake,” left everyone salivating and sit pretty in the bigger picture.

The record’s tracks are assembled perfectly, each song building to the close while taking the listener on a journey through ABBA and Donna Summers tinges, unabashed disco, 90’s piano house, and spacey synths and beeps and boops (she thankfully never left that behind). “Beat Beat” is an addictive track that is sure to shake a room up, as is “Shake,” because it’s all in the name. “Strangers” is a gorgeous back to basics lovers in the club scenario. “Satellites” takes you on an intoxicating journey, proving that Little Boots is untouchable and unstoppable.

Nocturnes is a brisk assemblage of dance sounds, and there’s something here for everyone. Filled with personality, Little Boots knows her way around writing perfect clubs tracks, proving a versatile and multi-talented musician once again.