The all-star packed One Fund benefit concert took place at TD Garden yesterday, and our own Mark McDonough joined the press conference just before the performance, which provided a glimpse of the outpouring that local artists had for their beloved city.

In the wake of the Marathon tragedy, Boston saw a great movement toward unification.  It was no surprise that when TD Garden put together a One Fund benefit concert, artists lined up to offer their talents.

Dorchester‘s own New Kids on the Block were excited to work with so many artists for such a good cause.  “There’s no room for ego at this concert…We’re here to do the right thing.”

“This went,” they said, “from ‘Who can we get?’ to ‘Who can we turn away?’”  The result was an eclectic lineup of various artists which includes James Taylor, Aerosmith, Boston, Godsmack, The Dropkick Murphys, Carole King, Jimmy Buffet, and more.  The concert sold out in a manner of minutes and will be streamed online for free.

NKOTB encouraged people to donate to One Fund, telling the crowd that Mayor Menino would make sure that all of the money goes to the victims and their families.

Three hundred survivors and first responders will fill the front of the concert hall tonight.  “It’s about them.”

They hinted that there would be a surprise during the performance.

Extreme, originally from Malden, MA, will take the stage tonight.  They have played a number of reunion shows since their breakup in 1996, most recently last year in China and Russia.  They came on, saying that a lineup this eclectic has never happened before and probably won’t happen again.

When Paul Geary, a founding member of Extreme who hasn’t played with the band in 5 or 6 years, heard about the benefit concert, he called and told them “I’m playing this show.”  They joked that the band was now too large.

Dane Cook, originally from Arlington, MA, will be performing.  He was in LA when he heard about the bombings and immediately asked what he could do to help.  The city’s response to the attacks impressed him and wanted to give back to the community.  “Boston handled this with an incredible grace.”

He is not the only comedian taking the stage.  Steven Wright is set up to perform as well, though Cook denied any collaboration, asking “What, like a tag team?”

The night will open with a poem by Richard Blanco, an inaugural poet.  As soon as he heard about the explosions, he said, a poem began forming in his head.  Blanco wouldn’t read any of the poem before his performance, but hinted that it was Spring themed.

In case you missed it or experienced trouble during the live playback, a replay is here over at the Boston Herald!

And as always, if you’d like to make a donation, head over to the One Fund site to contribute.