Suicidal Tendencies and DRI played at the Masquerade in Atlanta on April 27th.  I will admit I have never been to a Suicidal show till now.  With that said, no one warned me the moshing at a Suicidal show was absolutely INSANE!!  I hadn’t seen people react to a band like that in a long time!

Supporting act D.R.I (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) warmed up the crowd for Suicidal Tendencies.  D.R.I. is a crossover thrash band with hints of punk and hardcore mixed into their music.  They have been on the scene since 1982.  Thirty-one years later D.R.I. has stayed true to their form.  They never went mainstream, but are still thought of as the pioneers of the thrash scene.

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles started their out their set with the song The Application.  I would have to say the madness began to brew the minute D.R.I. hit the stage.  Not only was the band all over the stage, but fans begun to mosh and crowd surf.  Keeping an eye on the crowd surfers so I don’t get clobbered, I was moving all over the photo pit trying to keep up with the band.  D.R.I played their hearts out and the fans loved it!  I expected D.R.I. to play more of their greatest hits, but they seem to have just randomly picked some songs to play.   With that being the case, I would have liked to have heard some of their classics like Five Year Plan or Nursing Home Blues.  Oh well, I enjoyed their set anyway.

Headliners Suicidal Tendencies hit the stage playing their classic You Can’t Bring Me Down to a packed house.  At this point the crowd is moshing, crowd surfing, and stage diving like crazy.  Having to dodge fans left and right, I was forced to secure myself on the far right side of the photo pit, but not until I got whacked in the lip by some dude jumping off the stage.  Nonetheless, I didn’t let it bring me down and just kept taking pictures.  Eventually, the tour manager grabbed me and let me take pictures back by the drummer (thank you).  I always thought Bad Religion shows were nuts, but this was a sight to be seen.  Suicidal Tendencies ran all over the stage playing classics like Possessed to Skate and Institutionalized.  Fans were running up on stage and jumping into the crowd.  The band didn’t mind any of the chaos going on around them on stage.  I don’t think anyone stood still at any one moment during Suicidal’s set!

Don’t let my mention of chaos cloud your opinion of how I felt during this show.  Despite everything going on around me, I was smiling the whole time!  Both bands put on a great show, proving that you don’t have to anything fancy or go mainstream to get a crowd moving.