Wabi Sabi, the Atlanta Ballet’s dancer-driven contemporary dance wing, opened the summer season with a single work performed at the High Museum of Atlanta’s Cu!ture Shock event. The piece was Wabi Sabi founder John Welker’s tribute to his wife, Christine Winkler, who has not performed this year due to the birth of the couple’s first child. The work was entitled “Christine,” and Ms. Winkler was the solo performer.

While this performance could have attracted new fans, and I hope it did, the disorganization of the evening may have discouraged them. The performance began nearly 20 minutes late, in a schedule with different events beginning every 15 to 30 minutes. There was no indication where on the open piazza the performance would occur, so a group of us waiting patiently had our view blocked by newcomers who stumbled on the space right before it began. None of this is typical of previous Wabi Sabi performances, so there were probably extenuating circumstances which caused the delay .