The glimpses of the choreography I was able to see provided some intriguing elements. The ballet was performed on a long strip of floor laid on the concrete of the piazza. The dancer moved back and forth along this long runway, frequently changing directions, facing, and levels. The bits I could see seemed to be combining a variety of classic ballet and modern dance elements reminiscent of some of the great dance pieces from the past. Ms. Winkler rapidly changed her hairstyle at specific moments in the piece, which reminded me of Hawaiian dancers in seated hulas removing and replacing costume parts during the dance. The petite artist has clearly maintained her technical prowess during her absence from the stage, although she had some minor balance problems at one point, perhaps due to the phone photography that was setting off flashes at her eye level (always a no-no, but there was not an announcement asking the audience to refrain from using flash photography). There were interesting angular shapes and movements juxtaposed with curved shapes and flowing turns. I was able to find a good vantage point for an impressive series of quarter-turn promenades that required impeccable balance and control.