The choreography was very different from the usual Wabi Sabi fare. One of the joys of every Wabi Sabi performance I have attended has been the expansive movement, the joie de vivre, and the sense of an expressive conversation between the dancers and the audience. This work seemed to be more abstract, self-contained, and separated from the audience, although Ms. Winkler masterfully commanded the attention of the audience. It is exciting that the company is branching out into another style of movement, perhaps one that is more appropriate for a concrete-floored performance space, but I would have liked it if the audience members who have never before experienced Wabi Sabi could also have seen a piece that was more indicative of the company’s usual cultural identity .
The High is a beautiful building that contributed a simple but attractive backdrop to the performance. Attendees at the nighttime event had the opportunity to see the permanent collections and current exhibits; one of the most compelling was “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” which highlighted paintings by Vermeer and other Dutch visual artists. The overwhelming impression given by the attendees at the event was one of excitement and enthusiasm for all the forms of art being showcased.