Our first winter in Boston last year was made a little more magical with the visit to the Stone Zoo to see the ZooLights!

This year, it was a must on our “holiday to-do” list.

As you wait in the line for the doors to open, you can feel the magic all around. Families of all shapes and sizes in their winter gear wait in anticipation of the Christmas cheer that is just through those gates.

Although I would love to have seen a more organized waiting line, it was seemingly easy to get in. Some people took it upon themselves to just walk right up in front of people who had been patiently waiting their turn for half an hour. In the holiday season it is a pity to see adults behaving so badly.

In any case, as we entered we strolled through the walkway with lights strewn about the trees. Christmas music played as we felt the chill in the air and saw the sights of the Stone Zoo.

Having been there last year, we made a beeline for the reindeer, knowing the line for that fills up quickly.  We got there before anyone else and got to spend a few minutes with the staff and “Holly” the reindeer. It was beautiful!

After that we visited some animals and took in the beautiful lights all around. Our visit would not have been complete without going to Santa’s  Castle to see him! Be ready to wait, there is always a line. Also, a miniature amusement park is there but they only take cash for ride tickets, so come prepared. The ticket prices are rather reasonable and the kids will have fun on the rides.

We highly recommend attending the magical ZooLights and the Stone Zoo! For more info visit their website HERE.