Discover the Dinosaurs in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center is family fun for Dino lovers and young paleontologists alike!

We arrived and quickly found a Scavenger hunt form as we entered. We were so excited to see what lied behind the curtains!!!

After a quick family photo, we entered the area with the staged dinosaur scenes. Each one with a different group of dinosaurs that move and made sounds! All the info on the dinosaurs were right there to review! We loved looking at which animals roamed the earth right where we were standing!


Other activities included a Dino Dig for the budding Paleontologist in your group. Our paleontologist was eager to discover the bones under the sand. Carefully dusting off the sand and dirt, she discovered a new one I am certain of it! They say a new dinosaur is discovered every four weeks!


Around the back of the exhibit is where the rides are located. Featuring six inflatables which are always a hit with the kid! Also a spooky dinosaur forest that we were lucky enough to go in to!!!! Look out is all I can say!

For a few extra dollars you can dawn a miners hat and go mining for fossils and gems! Another photo op for sure and definitely a great memory made!

One of the best things about this is a chance to ride on a real dinosaur!!!!! Yep, the boys tamed that dinosaur and needless to say,  we now have a new pet in our family :)

Braedendino         DorianDino

The Backstage Beat is happy to say that Discover the Dinosaurs in Boston is great family fun!  All you need for a great day is available at the Seaport Trade Center this weekend! Food, Rides, Fun and Learning (SShhhhh!! Don’t tell the kids!)