Best Picture and Best Director winner at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival,  Susan Seidelman’s Musical Chairs will air through all of April on HBO and its multiplex channels HBO Latino and HBO Signature, and is also available for streaming on HBO GO.

Seidelman, best known for her new-wave masterpiece Desperately Seeking Susan, once again sets foot in New York bohemia for this romantic drama about star-crossed lovers who find each other through a shared love of competitive ballroom dancing.

From the website, “Musical Chairs is a romantic tale of two New Yorkers, Armando Ortiz from the Bronx and Mia Franklin from the Upper East Side, who come together through their love of ballroom dancing.

Mia and Armando meet at a midtown Manhattan dance studio where Mia is an instructor and Armando is a part-time handyman who exchanges his janitorial duties for dance lessons. Despite their differences, there is clearly a spark between them that is ignited one night when they find themselves alone practicing in the studio. But before their relationship has a chance to grow, a tragic accident changes Mia’s life forever. True to his nature, Armando dedicates himself to helping Mia overcome the everyday challenges that follow.”

The film stars newcomers Leah Pipes and E.J. Bonilla as Mia and Armando and features a tremendous supporting cast: Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black and Mass IFF Best Supporting Actress nominee, Tony-award winner Priscilla Lopez,  Auti Angel, Jaime Tirelli, Nelson Landrieu, Angelic Zambrana, and more.

To catch Musical Chairs, here are the air dates for the month:

Apr. 3 – 4pm EST – HBO East
Apr. 3 – 4pm EST – HBO Latino East
Apr. 3 – 7pm EST – HBO West
Apr. 3 – 7pm EST – HBO Latino West
Apr. 6 – 6:05am EST – HBO Signature East
Apr. 6 – 9:05am EST – HBO Signature West
Apr. 9 – 7am EST – HBO East
Apr. 9 – 7am EST – HBO Latino East
Apr. 9 – 10am EST – HBO West
Apr. 9 – 10am EST – HBO Latino West
Apr. 15 – 8:50am EST – HBO Signature East
Apr. 15 – 11:50am EST – HBO Signature West
Apr. 17 – 8pm EST – HBO Latino East
Apr. 17 – 11pm EST – HBO Latino West
Apr. 20 – 6:30am EST – HBO East
Apr. 20 – 6:30am EST – HBO Latino East
Apr. 20 – 9:30am EST – HBO West
Apr. 20 – 9:30am EST – HBO Latino West
Apr. 25 – 11:30am EST – HBO East
Apr. 25 – 11:30am EST – HBO Latino East
Apr. 25 – 2:30pm EST – HBO West
Apr. 25 – 2:30pm EST – HBO Latino West
Apr. 28 – 7:50am EST – HBO Signature East
Apr. 28 – 10:50am EST – HBO Signature West

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